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Margaret Roberts

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Cotyledon orbiculata 'Pigs Ear' 2.5L plant

Cotyledon orbiculata 'Pigs Ear' 2.5L plant Native to South Africa,[1] it is popular in gardens in ..

R14.95 Ex Tax: R13.00

Potassium Nitrate (granular) 25kg fertiliser bag

Hydroponics / Water Solubles - KN03 (Potassium Nitrate) 25kg ..

R503.70 Ex Tax: R438.00

Poa Trivialis - Maximum (1kg seeds)

Grass Seeds / Turf / Lawn - Poa Trivialis - Maximum (1kg seeds) Cool-season turf-type grass.For sun ..

R189.75 Ex Tax: R165.00

Kentucky Bluegrass - Fielder (Plain) 1kg seeds

Grass Seeds / Turf / Lawn - Kentucky Bluegrass - Fielder (1kg seeds) Cool-season turf-type grass.For..

R143.75 Ex Tax: R125.00