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GL03 - Glass Succulent Planter (Large)

Labyrinth Nursery GL03 - Glass Succulent Planter (Large)Dimensions: 200mm (w) x 165mm (h) Another NE..

R132.25 Ex Tax: R115.00

GL04 - Glass Succulent Planter (Large)

Labyrinth Nursery GL04 - Glass Succulent Planter (Large)Dimensions: 138mm (w) x 174mm (h) Another NE..

R195.50 Ex Tax: R170.00

GM03 - Glass Succulent Planter (Medium)

Labyrinth Nursery GM03 - Glass Succulent Planter (Medium)Dimensions: 120mm (w) x 95mm (h) Another NE..

R109.25 Ex Tax: R95.00

GM05 - Glass Succulent Planter (Medium)

Labyrinth Nursery GM05 - Glass Succulent Planter (Medium)Dimensions: 93mm (w) x 94mm (h) Another NEW..

R55.20 Ex Tax: R48.00

GS05 - Glass Succulent Planter (Small)

Labyrinth Nursery GS05 - Glass Succulent Planter (Small)Dimensions: 88mm (w) x 78mm (h) Another NEW ..

R63.25 Ex Tax: R55.00

GS06 - Glass Succulent Planter (Small)

Labyrinth Nursery GS06 - Glass Succulent Planter (Small)Dimensions: 85mm (w) x 68mm (h) Another NEW ..

R74.75 Ex Tax: R65.00

Kikuyu Whittet - Coated (1kg seeds)

Retail / Wholesale Seeds - KIKUYU WHITTET (COATED) - 1KG Coarse textured runner-type grass commonly..

R437.00 R460.00 Ex Tax: R380.00

Evergreen / Shade Lawn (1kg seeds)

Retail / Wholesale Seeds - Evergreen / SHADE MIX LAWN - 1KG For sun and shade areas. Will stay green..

R126.50 R156.40 Ex Tax: R110.00

Turf Fescue - RTF (Coated) 1kg seeds

Grass Seeds / Turf / Lawn - Tall Fescue - Turf Saver RTF 1kg (Coated) turf / lawn grass seeds Turf S..

R126.50 R146.05 Ex Tax: R110.00

Turf Rye - Derby Xtreme (1kg seeds)

Grass Seeds / Turf / Lawn - Turf Rye - Derby Xtreme 1kg turf / lawn grass seeds Derby Xtreme feature..

R109.25 R146.05 Ex Tax: R95.00

Indigenous / Veld Grass Seed Mix per kg

Retail / Wholesale Seeds - Indigenous / Veld grass Mix - 1kg Mix of indigenous veld-type grasses tha..

R109.25 R131.10 Ex Tax: R95.00

Horse Pasture Seed Mix (1kg seeds)

Retail / Wholesale Seeds - HORSE PASTURE MIX - 1kg A mixture of pastures for all year grazing for ho..

R126.50 Ex Tax: R110.00