• Hydrofood (plus EDTAs) 25kg fertiliser bag

Hydroponics / Water Solubles - Hydrofood 25kg fertilizer bag

6.5% Nitrogen (N)
4.5% Phosphate (P)
24% Potassium (K)
3% Magnesium (Mg)
6% Sulphur (S)

BulkFertilizer.co.za is our agricultural fertilizer trading division, we specialize in wholesale fertilizer supplies for government tenders and farmers throughout Southern Africa.

In the past couple years we decided to start selling this farm fertilizer in smaller bags for retail fertilizer customers, and so we split the bigger 50kg bags into 10kg and 20kg bags in order to offer the standard home owner / residential / retail fertilizer customer a cost-effective solution to their garden fertilizer requirements!

Please note, the 10kg and 20kg retail fertilizer bags that we sell are not registered retail fertiliser products, they are merely portions of our fertilizer supplier's 50kg bags, and we have just put a label on to show the specs. Obviously, the fertiliser product that you are getting is as good as any other retail fertilizer on the market, and is generally supplied by some of the biggest fertilizer manufacturers, importers and independent blending plants in South Africa.

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Hydrofood (plus EDTAs) 25kg fertiliser bag

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