• Crassula arborescens 5L plant

Crassula arborescens 5L plant

Unlike most crassulas which are relatively small succulent plants, Crassula arborescens is an outstanding, squat, succulent tree that is easily recognizable by its unmistakable blue-grey foliage that contrasts well with the other plants on hillsides in the karroid scrub.
It has a very attractive appearance in both its natural habitat and cultivated gardens. It is easy to grow plants vegetatively as well as sexually. For quick results stem cuttings can be made from mature plants. Cuttings can be made throughout the year and root readily in a well-drained medium.

Labyrinth Nursery is our specialist succulent nursery in North Riding AH, near Northgate Shopping Centre and Jackal Creek Golf Estate, in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, Gauteng.

We aim to convert South Africa, and all of it's neighbouring countries, to planting and enjoying succulent plants / vetplante (as they are known in Afrikaans.) These amazing succulent plants are truly special, they hold life like no other plant on the planet... what I mean by that, is that you can take Vetplante / Succulent Clippings and leave them on your outside patio table for weeks, in fact months (like I've done at home), and they will hold onto life without the need for soil or even water... they'll send down roots onto your glass table... they'll raise their heads and face the sun... even though they are just pieces of a Labyrinth Nursery that you cut off weeks or months before... somehow they will survive... against all odds... they will cling to life and survive!

Try it for yourself, buy some succulent Clippings and experiment, I promise you will become a succulent fanatic in no time at all if you start discovering the wonder of succulents / vetplante... succulents are the waterwise plants that we need to grow... not only because they come in a multitute of colours and shapes and sizes... but because the days of having lovely lush gardens are coming to an end... water will become more and more of an issue as the planet gets hotter and hotter... don't you think it's time to fill your garden with the toughest, most drought tolerant, hardy plants on the planet?

If you are lazy or don't have the time or inclination to do your own garden design or landscape installation... or possibly just can't figure out what plant combinations will work in your Garden... or in fact, just possibly don't know enough about Labyrinth Nursery or other waterwise plants... feel free to setup a meeting with our garden design / landscape installation division, Love Landscapes, we have been installing waterwise succulent gardens for many years, and our landscaping ideas / garden designs will inspire you to get outside and enjoy your very own colourful waterwise garden!

Visit Love-Landscapes.co.za to see some of our landscaping ideas / garden designs, and to setup a meeting, or request a landscaping quote for your very own amazing waterwise Garden design!

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Crassula arborescens 5L plant

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