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Chrysalidocarpus lutescens - Golden bamboo palm 20L
Dypsis lutescens, commonly known as the Golden bamboo palm. Often referred to as the 'areca palm' (though not in that genus), the golden bamboo palm is a very common sight in the tropics and sub-tropics. It is often taken for granted but deserves more recognition and appreciation.
The Areca Palm is also known as Butterfly Palm, Cane Palm, Madagascar Palm, Golden Feather Palm, and Yellow Palm.
The Areca Palm is native to the islands of Madagascar.

Growth Rate: Moderate
Height: up to 20ft
Light Req: Partial shade
Water Req: Heavy

Plant Size Guide
1L Plant BagHeight (full): 115mmUsually contains groundcovers / very small plants.
2.5L Plant BagHeight (full): 165mmUsually contains groundcovers / small plants.
5L Plant BagHeight (full): 220mmUsually contains plants / small trees up to 0.5m high.
10L Plant BagHeight (full): 300mmUsually contains plants / small trees up to 1.0m high.
20L Plant BagHeight (full): 360mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 1.4m high.
40L Plant BagHeight (full): 420mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 1.8m high.
60L Plant BagHeight (full): 470mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 2.2m high.
80L Plant BagHeight (full): 550mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 2.6m high.
100L Plant BagHeight (full): 660mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 3.0m high.

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Dypsis lutescens - Golden Bamboo Palm 40L

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