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Liquid Fertiliser

Liquid Fertiliser
Online Garden CentreInorganic Fertilizer > Liquid Fertiliser, Garden Fertiliser for home and garden use. Give your garden plants the nutrients they need to thrive and flower!

Chrysal - Bonsai (250ml)

Pokon Chrysal Bonsai Food (250ml) This 4:2:3 (9) balanced food gives Bonsai trees the extra care the..

R37.95 Ex Tax: R33.00

Chrysal - Orchid (250ml)

Pokon Chrysal Orchid Food (250ml) This balanced food gives your Orchid's the extra care they deserve..

R37.95 Ex Tax: R33.00

Chrysal - Universal (250ml)

Pokon Chrysal UniversaL plant Food (250ml) 4:2:5 (11) plant fertilizer for plants in soil and hydroc..

R37.95 Ex Tax: R33.00

Margaret Roberts Organic Supercharger (500ml)

Margaret Roberts ORGANIC Supercharger ORGANIC Supercharger is a water-soluble ORGANIC liquid plant f..

R81.65 Ex Tax: R71.00

Trelmix 200ml

Trelmix 200ml Trelmix Trace Element Mixture is a micro-element compound that contains all 6 micro-el..

R69.00 Ex Tax: R60.00

Trelmix 5L

Trelmix 5L Trelmix Trace Element Mixture is a micro-element compound that contains all 6 micro-eleme..

R690.00 Ex Tax: R600.00

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