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Margaret Roberts Organic Supercharger

Organic Supercharger is a water-soluble organic liquid plant food concentrate. Organic Supercharger contains all the macro as well as micronutrients plus a growth stimulant.
Nutrient content: 80.0 g/kg N; 20.0 g/kg P; 60.0 g/kg K.
Plus trace elements:
7.0 g/kg Mg; 6.0 g/kg Ca; 4.0 g/kg S; 6.0 g/kg Fe; 0.1 g/kg Cu; 1.0 g/kg Zn; 4.0 g/kg Mn; 0.23 g/kg B; 0.15 g/kg Mo.
Growth stimulant: 0.003 g/kg Gibberelic acid. Formulated from sterilized blood, bone and carcass meal. Present contents not approved for organic farming due to manufacturing process, even though product is 99% organic!

Use and crops: It contains all the essential nutrients to obtain optimum growth of houseplants, acid loving and all flowering plants, vegetables, herbs, seedlings, groundcovers, fruit bearing plants and lawns.
Dosage: 5 ml per 3 litre water. A 500 ml concentrate is enough plant food for 150 litres of diluted mixture or to treat 150 metre square lawn or seedlings.
Environmental hazard: Harmless to fish, birds, wild life, earthworms, micro-organisms, pets and humans. No harmful toxic residues. No secondary poisoning.

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Margaret Roberts Organic Supercharger (500ml)

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