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BulkSeed.co.za Evergreen / SHADE MIX LAWN - 1KG
For sun and shade areas. Will stay green all year if watered.
Mix of cool season grasses consisting of perennial rye grass and creeping fescue.

Application: Lawn.
Sun Type: Sun / Shade.
Plant Type: Bi-Annual.
Sowing Time: All Year.
Seeding Rate: 40g per square metre.

BulkSeed.co.za">BulkSeed.co.za is our BulkSeed.co.za">agricultural seed trading division, we specialize in BulkSeed.co.za">wholesale seed supplies for the agricultural / farming sector in Southern Africa. We supply BulkSeed.co.za">agricultural seeds to many of our neighbouring countries like Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Angola, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho, where BulkSeed.co.za">wholesale agricultural seeds for animal grazing / forage / fodder / haymaking / green manure / cover crops are not as readily available!

We BulkSeed.co.za">buy seeds in bulk and then sell it per kilogram to help save you money!
Most BulkSeed.co.za">wholesale seed suppliers sell their BulkSeed.co.za">seeds in full 25kg fertilizer bags, thus making it hard for retail seed customers to buy, the average home / residential customer would only need just a couple of kilograms of lawn seed to establish their lawn, so would normally be subject to the ridiculous mark-ups that are associated with retail seeds for an urban market.

So, we decided to change all of that, and offer BulkSeed.co.za">bulk agricultural seeds for a fraction of the normal retail seed prices.
Okay, maybe the packaging is not as flashy, but when you're paying less than half the price for your lawn / turf seeds, I'm sure nobody would be complaining about the packaging!

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Evergreen / Shade Lawn (1kg)

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