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Anthericum saundersiae 2.5L
Anthericum saundersiae Lily Grass or Weeping Anthericum Synonym: Chlorophytum saundersiae This plant is named after Katharine Saunders plant collector and botanical artist who was born Katharine Wheelwright (1824-1901) in Tansor, Northamptonshire, England she emigrated to live at Tongaat, Natal with her husband James who later became the sole proprietor of the Tongaat Sugar Estate in 1860. I first collected this plant which I found growing in full sun at the Treasure Beach grasslands in Durban in the late 1970`s. The tiny insignificant single stemmed specimen that I collected grew rapidly under my care and soon started to produce vast amounts of seed which germinated readily under the ideal conditions that I gave it and in no time at all I had large numbers of this delightful little plant. Anthericum saundersiae produces a profusion of little white star like flowers on long thin, arching stems from mid winter into late summer. Some years later I gave a number of my still unidentified plants to Geoff Nichols who took a specimen to the Natal Herbarium at Botanic Gardens where it was identified as Anthericum saundersiae. I grew and sold Anthericum saundersiae in my own nursery in small numbers but after they found their way to the Silver Glenn indigenous plant nursery they were propagated in large numbers making them much more available to the public

Botanical Name: Anthericum saundersiae
Sell Type: Plant.
Sun Type: Full Sun.
Plant Type: Perennial.
Season: Spring / Autumn.

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Anthericum saundersiae 2.5L

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