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Crassula muscosa 'Lizards Tail' 2.5L


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Crassula muscosa 'Lizards Tail' 2.5L
Crassula muscosa (Watch Chain)
This small succulent grows to 6 to 12 inches tall with a spreading habit of branching stems, with tightly overlapping stacked narrow light green leaves. These leaves completely hide the stems, which start off erect but then trail over from the weight of all of the leaves. The small pale yellowish-green musty-smelling flowers appear along with the leaves tight along the stems in spring to mid summer or other times after rains or irrigation. Plant in a well-drained soil in part to full coastal sun to light shade or indoors – best color maintained with a little shade even on the coast. Water sparingly or abundantly. This plant comes from diverse habitats and is widespread in South Africa from the winter rainfall area of the Western Cape to the summer rainfall areas of the Eastern Cape and north into Namibia and Lesotho (formerly Basutoland) though often growing only in well-drained rocky quartz fields.

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