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Aloe maculata 5L


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Aloe maculata 10L
Aloe maculata is very variable but its distinctly flat-topped inflorescences and usually uniformly coloured flowers distinguish it from most other spotted aloes occurring in the same area. The broad, triangular leaves vary considerably in length and shape, but are mostly recurved towards the dried, twisted tips.
The inflorescence (a raceme) can have up to six branches. The stalks of the open flowers are longer than those of the buds.
Flower colour ranges from yellow and red to orange. Flowering time is variable, and various forms may flower in summer (January), winter (June) or spring (August, September.)

Plant Size Guide
1L Plant BagHeight (full): 115mmUsually contains groundcovers / very small plants.
2.5L Plant BagHeight (full): 165mmUsually contains groundcovers / small plants.
5L Plant BagHeight (full): 220mmUsually contains plants / small trees up to 0.5m high.
10L Plant BagHeight (full): 300mmUsually contains plants / small trees up to 1.0m high.
20L Plant BagHeight (full): 360mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 1.4m high.
40L Plant BagHeight (full): 420mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 1.8m high.
60L Plant BagHeight (full): 470mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 2.2m high.
80L Plant BagHeight (full): 550mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 2.6m high.
100L Plant BagHeight (full): 660mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 3.0m high.

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