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Chlorophytum comosum - Hen and chick 2.5L


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Chlorophytum comosum - Hen and Chick 2.5L
Spider plants have long narrow leaves that are 20-40 cm (8-15 in) long and 5-20 mm (0.2-0.8 in) broad, which grow from a central rosette. At the spot where a leaf would normally develop a node, these plants will produce adventitious roots down into the soil, and new above ground shoots. It also produces branched stolons with small white flowers and baby plantlets. Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum.
Common Name: Spider Plant, Variegated Spider Plant, Ribbon Plant, Airplane Plant.
Family name: Liliaceae (Lily Family.)
Plant type: An evergreen herbaceous perennial, native to South Africa.
Light: Bright light or partial shade; Can tolerate direct morning sunlight, but avoid direct midday/afternoon sunlight that can scorch its leaves.

Plant Size Guide
1L Plant BagHeight (full): 115mmUsually contains groundcovers / very small plants.
2.5L Plant BagHeight (full): 165mmUsually contains groundcovers / small plants.
5L Plant BagHeight (full): 220mmUsually contains plants / small trees up to 0.5m high.
10L Plant BagHeight (full): 300mmUsually contains plants / small trees up to 1.0m high.
20L Plant BagHeight (full): 360mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 1.4m high.
40L Plant BagHeight (full): 420mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 1.8m high.
60L Plant BagHeight (full): 470mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 2.2m high.
80L Plant BagHeight (full): 550mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 2.6m high.
100L Plant BagHeight (full): 660mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 3.0m high.

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