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Carpobrotus edulis 'Pink' 2.5L


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Carpobrotus edulis 2.5L
Carpobrotus edulis is native to South Africa. It is also known as ice plant, Highway Ice Plant, Pigface or Hottentot Fig and in South Africa as the Sour Fig (Suurvy; earlier: Hotnosvy), on account of its edible fruit. Carpobrotus edulis is a creeping, mat-forming succulent species and member of the Stone Plant family Aizoaceae, one of about 30 species in the genus Carpobrotus. Carpobrotus edulis is easily confused with its close relatives, including the more diminutive and less aggressive Carpobrotus chilensis (sea fig), with which it hybridizes readily. C. edulis can however be distinguished from most of its relatives by the colour of its flowers. The large 2.5-to-6-inch-diameter (63 to 150 mm) flowers of C. edulis are yellow or light pink, whereas ). ,

Botanical Name:Carpobrotus edulis .
Sell Type: Plant.
Sun Type: Full Sun.
Plant Type: Perennial.
Season: Spring / Autumn.

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