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Juncus effusus 2.5L


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Juncus effusus 2.5L
Soft rush is a perennial wetland plant that grows in a clump or tussock and spreads by vigorous underground rhizomes.
The bright green stems (there are no leaves) are cylindrical, without nodes, rather soft, and taper to a bristle.
They are smooth or slightly striated. The clump is erect or slightly arching and usually stands a little less than 3ft (0.9m) tall.
The flowers and fruits are borne in compact clusters that appear to emerge laterally a few inches below the tip of the flowering stem.
Actually, the inflorescence emerges from the tip of the stem but a bract extends beyond and looks like a continuation of the stem.

Plant Size Guide
1L Plant BagHeight (full): 115mmUsually contains groundcovers / very small plants.
2.5L Plant BagHeight (full): 165mmUsually contains groundcovers / small plants.
5L Plant BagHeight (full): 220mmUsually contains plants / small trees up to 0.5m high.
10L Plant BagHeight (full): 300mmUsually contains plants / small trees up to 1.0m high.
20L Plant BagHeight (full): 360mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 1.4m high.
40L Plant BagHeight (full): 420mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 1.8m high.
60L Plant BagHeight (full): 470mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 2.2m high.
80L Plant BagHeight (full): 550mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 2.6m high.
100L Plant BagHeight (full): 660mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 3.0m high.

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