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Acorus gramineus 'golden edge' 2.5L


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Acorus gramineus 'golden edge 2.5L
Maximum size: 15 - 30 cm Golden edge sweet flag is an evergreen to semi- evergreen perennial that originates from Japan. It is admired for it's neat clumping habit and attractive grass like foliage that is aromatic when crushed
It's leaves are brightly yellow with a narrow green stripe down the center of each blade.
This perennial ornamental grass is easy to grow if provided with rich, evenly moist soil and full of partial sun and looks great when mixed with other perennials for moist sites
though well-suited to boggy gardens, plants will not tolerate deep standing water.

Botanical Name: Acorus gramineus.
Sell Type: Ornamental Grass.
Sun Type: Full Sun.
Plant Type: Perennial.
Season: All Year.

Plant Size Guide
1L Plant BagHeight (full): 115mmUsually contains groundcovers / very small plants.
2.5L Plant BagHeight (full): 165mmUsually contains groundcovers / small plants.
5L Plant BagHeight (full): 220mmUsually contains plants / small trees up to 0.5m high.
10L Plant BagHeight (full): 300mmUsually contains plants / small trees up to 1.0m high.
20L Plant BagHeight (full): 360mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 1.4m high.
40L Plant BagHeight (full): 420mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 1.8m high.
60L Plant BagHeight (full): 470mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 2.2m high.
80L Plant BagHeight (full): 550mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 2.6m high.
100L Plant BagHeight (full): 660mmUsually contains plants / trees up to 3.0m high.

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