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Shipping & Returns


We generally use the SA Post Office for all ordinary post and Speed Services for overnight delivery. All orders should be delivered to your door within 3-10 business days of order confirmation, or 4-8 weeks for overseas surface delivery.*

Order confirmation
When you submit your order to us, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your order and are processing it. Please note that Garden Goods reserves the right reject orders placed on our website. Any such rejected order will be confirmed. You will be notified if your order cannot be confirmed. All money that has been transferred in the event of a rejected order it will be repaid, in full, by the same means it was transferred.

Please note:
No orders will be shipped prior to Garden Goods receiving payment in full. This applies to all methods of payment. Any delay in payment will result in shipping and delivery delays.

Shipping confirmation
You will receive a second email from us, some time afterwards to notify you that your order has been shipped.

Please contact us if you do not receive a second email from us within 5 business days after confirming shipment of your order.

*Orders will take 2-6 weeks if items are not in stock. Contact us by emailing should you require further information.


We are totally confident about the quality of all products offered on this site. Therefore the chance of any product failing is considered minimal. However, in the unlikely event of a failure occurring this returns policy shall apply.

All hardware products supplied by Garden Goods are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty period is typically 12 months from date of purchase but varies in some circumstances. If during that warranty period a fault develops, please return the product with all its original packaging, standard accessories and proof of purchase to us. Garden Goods will thoroughly check all products returned for warranty claims. If the claim is unjustified, due to operator error or physical damage, or falls outside the scope of the warranty, the claim will be rejected and the product returned to the customer at the customers cost. Please read the details of the manufacturers warranty when you receive your product.

Any product returned to Garden Goods for a warranty claim will be returned to the original manufacturer (or their appointed agents) for repair. Each manufacturer has its own warranty claim process and Garden Goods’ role in this regard is solely that of facilitator of the warranty claim on behalf of the client. Please note that the time taken to repair the unit as well as decisions taken by the manufacturer with regard to repairing or replacing products is completely outside the control of Garden Goods.

In the event that failure occurs within 7 calendar days of delivery of the goods to you, Garden Goods may, at its sole discretion, replace the equipment provided notification is received within the 7 day period of the failure and the defective unit/s is/are returned to Garden Goods within 5 working days thereafter and provided the claim is justified with respect to the manufacturer’s warranty. The cost of shipping equipment to the manufacturer for a valid warranty claim, and returning it to you, will be carried by Garden Goods. However, in the event that the manufacturer levies charges due to the failure being caused by factors falling outside the scope of the warranty the customer will be invoiced for these charges. In such cases Garden Goods will invoice the customer for shipping costs in addition to the charges associated with the claim. If damage to the product is obviously due to maltreatment of the product no returns will be accepted. Garden Goods does not accept any returns due to customer dissatisfaction with features, appearance or any other issue.